Y hallo thar!

I'm one of the guitarist/vocalists for the band Leave By Six. We've been in the studio for a couple months now (it's been a very long and sometimes painful learning experience) and just got the final mix for the first song on our EP.

A bit of a Bio if anyone cares: We've technically been a band for about 6 years. We started playing music in high school but stopped when we all left for different colleges. Last summer after graduating we got back into things and started writing music again. We've got most of the work on our EP done (hopefully we'll be abel to post the other two songs in a week or so) and should (with any luck) have a full-length finished by the end of this summer.

Check us out at www.myspace.com/leavebysix

The mysapce is pretty new, we really only started accepting/sending friend requests yesterday when we posted the song.

Punk Template #2 is one of the first songs we wrote last fall but is a pretty good representation of our overall style. I realize the guitars sound kind of weak, but we really focused on getting drums and vocals to sound killer and it was free, so no complaints. Besides that, they should be brought up a bit during mastering.

Leave a comment here (praise or constructive criticism or flaming I don't really care just listen to the song :> or shoot us a friend request on the space. If you're in the Boston area and need a band to open a show hit us up, we're looking to start gigging asap.

Thanks for checking us out.
And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...
Quote by garrett5
Sounds pretty good, too bad the recording's guitars, and bass is quite.

Yeah not mastered yet :<

Like I said, we really wanted to make the vocals and drums pop but it came at the expense of guitars and bass. Keep in mind the recording was free though! Well, aside from a couple red bulls, a couple of a pizzas and maybe a pack of cigs or two :>

Should have another two songs up in the next couple weeks.

More feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated UG!
And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...
I didn't think much of it to start but it got pretty interesting towards the end.
New mix up with improved kick drum! Hopefully he'll adjust the guitars a bit next.

Looking for comments and constuctive criticism as well.
And maybe we can fly away from here, surf on the debris of a broken scene...