I've tried recording some songs, I'm not good at editing either but i did my best my work is t http://www.myspace.com/worldsofwonder if you are interested. I am wondering if anyone knows what I can do to get the bass to stop being so loud in my music that it skaes and pop the cones on my speakers. It's not at high volume whatsoever and I have to put my pedal from which it is recorded on its lowest volume setting in order for it to be somewhat clear. If you know what I'm talking about and know what I can do without buying any hardware (that's what I'm trying to avoid) please respond
you might want to try being more detailed about what the problem is. How are you recording? By bass do you mean bass guitar, or just the general bass of the song? I cant really hear a bass guitar, but thats cuz im listening on my laptop speakers. But just download a free EQ plugin and trim the bass of the song or whatever you want to do. Can't you just turn the track down thats giving all the bass? it sounds like the rhythm guitar is too loud and hass too much bassy distortion. just try turning the track down.
Muck around with the EQ and take the low end down a bit.

That should sort out the bass problem.
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and btw, in dawn, the picking intro is in 4/4 timing, but the chord strumming is in 3/4 timing. That is rarely, if ever, done, and it needs some kind of transition if you do that.
Either your guitar is too close to the mic, or you've set the mic too loud, causing it to distort. Go into your Volume Control, go into Recording Control, and turn the mic down. Or if you're plugging straight into the computer, turn the setting down that you're using.

My other tip is, record the guitar parts twice. Just record the first track, mute it, go back and do it again. Then pan one of the tracks left and one of the tracks right. Makes the guitar part stereo and sound MUCH better.
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I listened to Dawn and Winter.
The drums in Dawn are quite good at times, it's madly repetitive with no vocals or other instruments, just those strummed chords. Gets very boring after a while. Quite basic, definitely need a strong vocal or lead to work.

The start of Winter is cool, with the harmonising you've done, but again becomes tiresome as there are no other instruments. Percussion is really cool, nice work.
As a basis, they're both fine, but they seem uncompleted.

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