hey everyone

Im finally going to buy an electric guitar after playing on acoustics (not that I don't like acoustics, I love them but I dont play much of that style) I can get pretty much any guitar I want (Its gonna be a while before I save up enough anyway).
A lot of my friends have the watered down versions of real guitars and cheap tone quality bothers me. I want a real guitar that is somewhere $500-$1000 (tone quality comes at a price). I was looking at a Gretsch 5120 and I like it. Its original (at least more original than a Les Paul), a good brand, and Im sure its has a great sound (ill find out when I try it out soon at Guitar Center), plus it has everyone drooling over it.
Do you have an amp? If so, what is it? And what styles of music do you play?
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Do you have an amp? If so, what is it? And what styles of music do you play?

I have a Roland 15x

I play pretty much all kinds of rock. (excluding rock so hard it makes your ears bleed)
I never get tired of proposing this one:
It handles all sorts of Rock and Blues well. It should be no more than 800$.

Next one has three Seymour Duncan Pickups. I think you won't have to worry about good tone with it. I don't know the exact price, but it should be waaayyyy less than 1000$.
they're both great guitars but the first one is $999 (compared to 600 for a guitar that look similar) I was also hoping to get something that no one has, My cousin has a Pacifica already and I coulnt find this one on Musicians Friend or Guitar Center.com.
Maybe I could add a Seymour Duncan to the Gretsch, though.
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You don't really need to do that, Gretsch's already have great stock pickups.

About the 600$ guitar: Could you post a link or tell me the name?
I can assure you that the SA503 is worth every buck (friend has it, so I had time enough to play it).
I see, but there are quite some differences between the guitars. The 5120 is made of laminated wood, while the SA503 is made of solid wood (at least the top). If you picked up both guitars at a store and played them unplugged, you'd hear major differences in soundquality and volume, with the yamaha being louder and better sounding. This leads to sound advantages when playing with an amp, too.
The pickup configuraion is different as well. The Gretsch comes with two humbuckers, the Yamaha with three P-90 Single coils. The Gretsch will sound warmer and smoother, while the Yamaha will have more 'bite'.

But whatever, I'm a yamaha fanboy so I guess I'm biased anyway.
Just play as many guitars as possible and see what you like best. And don't forget to post once you got your new axe.
I guess im biased in favor of gretsch so that makes two of us ( did I say it right)
In two weekes I go to the nearest Guitar Center and i'll be able to play every guitar there.
(I live in a small town, so I only get to go to Guitar Center every couple of months.
Epiphone G-400 custom with tremolo
3 humbuckers XD

Les Paul?
The Ultra or Black Beauty

The plastic Yamaha guitar that I hear is pretty good?
Yamaha RGX A2
It's lighter than a feather.
I really liked that one
(Abit over priced though)