LOOKS nice. I don't trust it.
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looks like he just took the truss rod cover off a gibson and painted it.
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That was made by in a factory in china. The guy who owns the factory calls himself bruce. He used to have an ebay account called "the inlay artists" but changed his ebay name a few years ago. The inlays are sometimes wonderful and other times horrible. You can't see the details in the pictures so you won't know untill you have it. The real problem with these is that the factory they build them in doesn't have good enough climate controll and most of china is a tropical enviroment with humidity in the 80% range or higher. Guitars should be built at around 40% humidity if they are being sold in the USA.

So this is one of those things that will be hit or mis. Sometimes bruce does great work the the humidity in his shop is correct. Other times it's sloppy and the humidity is way off in his shop.
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Interesting, I never expected anyone to know the whole deal lol. I wasn't really considering it, just curious.
lets see it took 70 days to make is brand new with case and is a one of a kind. And hes giving it away for 450. And doesnt have very many pics sounds like a chinese guitar.