I am 6'8" and I am looking for a strap that will allow me to hang it long and low. Longest that I have found was Plant Waves which are 59". But that is still to short. I am looking for a wide and long strap.

Any suggestions?

you're tall dude
even 10 cm more than me
Well...I've got a DiMarzio strap at it is just a little bit too short.
You know Tom DeLonge?
He has a Earnie Ball strap...I think that is long enough for you huh?
(Tom is really tall too...about the same as you).
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ernie ball do fairly long ones

im 6'3" and fully extended, my jazz bass is well below my knees
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Yea to both. Levis & Ernie Ball both do long and wide straps. Levis do special extra wide one's, think they're generally made for basses but will work for guitar. Ernie ball may do the same but i'm not sure on that one
Started looking at the Erine Balls and Dunlop. The Dunlops are short 55" max the Erine Balls hit 66" but only thing bad about those is a very limited selection....

I'm 6'4'' and my Levy straps are long enough for me.
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Goddamn TS if your find a good one tell it to me. Im Extremly tall too and my guitar is ****ing high too since i cant find a long strap
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make your own strap?
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