Hello all,
I'm going to be purchasing my first acoustic-electric in the next few weeks and have made a short list of guitars to try out based largely on the very helpful posts in this forum. I don't have a whole lot of cash to spend so I'm looking in the $300-$400 range.
I considered going with another acoustic and a pickup as has been suggested in other threads but really have my heart set on an a/e.
The problem, I know nothing about pickups, amps etc.
If anyone has any insights or comments on the electronics in the following instruments, or the guitars themselves I would greatly appreciate it. I would also be interested on any thoughts on a reasonably priced practice amp but that may not be appropriate to this forum.

Thanks so much for your help,

Washburn D10SCE : $379 WT82 Tuner/Preamp

Epiphone AJ-200SCE: $300 Shadow Classic P4 multiband preamp

Takamine G Series EG440SC : $400 TP4T Preamp

Alvarez RD20SC Regent Series : $340 System 200T electronics

Alvarez FD60S Fusion Series : $350 System 600T MK II electronics
Personally I owuld never buy an acoustic guitar with a thin body, which for me at least, rules out the Takamine you have there, and the Alvarez Fusion. I dont think the Alvarez RD20SC's pickups really cut it personally. The Epiphone and the Washburn... No diea, havent played them. They tend to have a good rep.

Check out the Alvarez AD60SC (have a look at this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=826894)

And some of the other Takamine G series. They have some great ones without the NEX bodies. However if you are going for the smaller body, stick with the Takamine NEX shapes or the Alvarez Fusion.

Also, dont get an Ibanez, no matter what people might say. they are terrible quality guitars with mroe emphasis on looks rather than sound.
Thanks for the input John,
I'm not sure of the thin body myself, my current acoustic is a jumbo so I guess I'll just have to try them out and see how they feel and sound.

I did try a few Ibenez but wasn't impressed, that and all the mixed reviews here have dissuaded me from the brand.

Good to know about the pickups on the RD20S, I'll rule that one out as well. I did check out the excellent AOTM on the AD60SC but wasn't sure if the 600T MK II electronics and the nickel tuners warranted the extra $60-$70, guess I'll have another look.

p.s. my local shop tells me they have a used Seagull S6 a-e in my price range so I'm going to have a look at that as well.

Thanks again for the advice,
Seagulls are great guitars. I highly recommend them. My brother has one and it plays really well and sounds good as an all round guitar.
I do enjoy a Seagull as well.
Also, the AD60SC, IMO is well worth the extra money over the RD20S. All round it is a really ncie guitar. I think I might eventually upgrade the saddle and nut to bone (there has been some occasional catching of the high E string in the nut) but for what your paying, its a really good guitar.

And yeah, well worth trying out all of these and making a decision yourself. Some people love having the thin body but I never liked the feel of it enough to want one. They just sound too thin to me.