So the thing is my Ibanez edge pro in my guitar has a problem where the tremolo arm will, after a week or so, become really loose in the socket and rattle forward and backward even when the bridge isn't moving. I can just shake the guitar and hear it rattle. So I would like to know if there's anything in the tremolo that needs fixing or tightening but its not even 6 months old, and I even replaced the white washers but it does the same thing.

Any help is much appreciated, cheers
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i had a problem that sounds similr to this a while back on a jackson i had. if its the same then what the problem is, is that underneath the trem arm where the arm screws into is loose and needs tightening.

mine was tightened for free by the shop i bought it from.
do you need a big fat negative screwdriver to tighten it?
Ibanez RG1570
Randall RG75G3
EHX Metal Muff
You could just wrap the threads of the arm in teflon tape so it would be a little fatter. Then it would stay in there.
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