Hey guys, cheers for clicking on the thread. Had a bit of a tidy of the ol' bedroom today and found some stuff I'm up for selling/trading. Here they are, pics up soon, or on request, whichever is better for you guys:

Smashing Pumpkins Machina T-Shirt: Got this in a deal on eBay with some other Pumpkins stuff. Never been worn, and I didn't intend on wearing it only bought it cause it was being sold together with the stuff I wanted. It is an Adult Medium size, in great condition. £6, or make an offer

Smashing Pumpkins: Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 2CD: Again this came in the bundle from eBay and I already have all of their albums so I am looking to sell this or trade for some other CD. In great condition, no scratches on the discs, case and booklet perfectley good. I'm thinking around £10 or trade for another CD, let me know.

Smashing Pumpkins: Siamese Dream CD: Same as above, already have a copy of the CD. Great condition case and disc. £6 or trade

Smashing Pumpkins: Machina/The Machines of God CD: Again, same as above. £6 or trade

I'm willing to sell these together if that is what anyone wants, they are a good 3 albums to buy if you are looking to get into the Pumpkins, or just if you don't have them. All the CD's are original, no copies. Maybe £18 for the 3 albums together and I'll throw in the T-shirt if you buy all 3. Otherwise let me know what albums you could trade for them, into most music so just let me know.

Next bit of stuff is bass related so here it goes:

Rockbag Soft Case Gig Bag: I've already got a great gig bag I use so this one is going spare. Got it for free when I bought my fretless bass so I'm only looking for £5 for it. In really good condition, no wear that I can see.

Behringer Effects Pedals; Chorus, Overdrive and Limiter Enhancer: I've hardly used these pedals other than the odd couple of practices at home, never been gigged. Not the best pedals in the world but you can get decent tones out of them with a bit of tweaking. No noticeable damage to them, few scratches, but that is what you expect from effects pedals lol. Maybe somewhere around £12 each for them, or £30 for the three of them together. They all have rechargeable 9v batteries which I will send with them, Duracell ones I think, again, hardly used. Would also trade these towards any CD's etc you may have for trade.

Zoom B2 Multi-FX Pedal: This is a really good pedal for anyone from beginner up to intermediate skillI would say. Comes with about 80 effects or so built in, some are very digital sounding but some do sound very good when you EQ them correctly. This is the model without the Expression pedal but the footswitches are in perfect working condition. Only cosmetic damage to the pedal, a few scratches here and there, nothing else wrong with it. Still have all the original packaging, instructions and the box for it as well as an adaptor plug for it which I had to buy seperately. Looking to sell this as I'm wanting to move into single effects so I no longer have any use for this Multi unit. £25 and also willing to trade for anything you offer that I like.

Connector cables for FX pedals: I've got 5 short cables that I got for connecting all my pedals together. £5 for all 5 of them.

Foo Fighters: One by One guitar tab book: Got this a few years ago before I moved over to playing bass. In great condition other than the corners being a little curled. £7 or trade.

Cheers for looking guys, post in here if you are interested in anything and we can sort it out. Like I said before pics on request!


I'll see what I can do but I work about 1 hour away from the city centre and my car is off the road, and im out at around half 7 in the evening, lol.

I'll see what I can do though man.
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All prices negotiable, hit me up with offers for trades etc

PM'ed about book
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