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I hate explorers, flying Vs, Stars, and all those weird shapes used in metal. The only weird shapes i like are the Kramertorium, or the the delta wing, but even then I dont like them too much. I do, however, love the soloist, RG shapes and all the strat based shapes. I also love les pauls. Hate jaguars.

Is it just me? Am I too conservative.
wooooooo rg! but flying v and explorer are godly dude
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Guess what, I hate strats.

And the only reason I have an SG is cause the horns are br00tal.

Actually, I could care less, as long as the thing plays nicely.
Everyone likes there own thing! I hate most V's but theres been the odd one that has just a little tweak or a finish that really makes it stand out enough for me to like.

As for playability and sound some of the drastic shapes make it easier to play standing up as there bottom heavy. The extra wood used adds to the overall sound by increasing the guitars ability to resonate but this is all jus off in a tangent.

I'm positive your not alone in your dislike but most spiky shapes are kinda kool if not worth a try.
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The only one I like that's an unconventional shape is the Explorer. The rest are ugly and annoying to play in my opinion. Rg's are the best. HANDS DOWN!
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Personally in a big fan of the lp shapes, but I don't think gibsons flying vs look metal, neither do the explorers
i dont liek basic shaped sg's lp's and horns are cool...but the warlock horns are jesusly
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Each to his own, each to his own.

Personally, I don't like the SG shape. For some reason I just don't like the symmetry of it. Mind you, I do like the Flying V shape which is symmetrical aswell :/
the explorer body has been around since the fifties, my kelly is based off the explorer but has an evil look to it. its all a matter of taste. i like strat and paul bodies too the only guitar body i`ve seen that really didnt appeal to me was a kramer whose body was shaped like a russian lute. it was even red w/ the hammer and cicle.
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I like explorers and V's but I dont like most BC rich shapes (other than the V) and Dean MLs/ Razorbacks. but I like the ibanez xiphos.
I can't stand the unusual type of shape, I favour more the full-body styles like the Strat and SG.

However the Flying V in ukulele form is t3h br00tal!!!

i like the looks of most shapes, and metal ones too, but i dont feel comfortable playing them, especially explorers and vs.
the best for me are superstrats(rg,s,you name it)
and i dont like the sg, and semi-electric(ibanez artcore etc).
I don't like most shapes that aren't the general superstrat shape. I do have a horrible, dirty, secret affection for the razorback shape though even though they're hunks of junk to play
it's just you' r preference. just like how i cant stand flying v's, les pauls, and strats, kelly's, deans

but i love king v's, rr's and rg's.
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I hate explorers, flying Vs, Stars, and all those weird shapes used in metal...
Its not just you by a long shot
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I was about to say...
I like the shape of the Razorbacks and some of the BC riches.......but ive never played a BC rich that i liked, and ive played TWO out of about 20 deans that ive liked. I like the gibson vs and the explorers, and i abosutely ADORE the Ibanez Xiphos.

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Personally, I find the strat and LP shapes to be boring, as well as the tele as just plain damn ugly.
Apart from anything else, they're so overused.
I like an interesting, eye-catching shape but as a main guitar I wouldn't have anything too outrageous like some of the more exoctic BC Rich shapes, more like a Flying V.
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I personally love the S series by Ibanez, RG is nice, but S has the whole ergonomic thingy working for itself.

I personally hate all those extreme shapes like the ML, Flying V, whatever extreme thing BC Rich throws together, etc.

Only exception to this rule for my is the Explorer, god I love that shape.
(Do Mustangs, SGs and Jaguars count as extreme?)
cant stand the shapes of deans... ugly, really ugly

A few hours later...

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Quote by nyandres
I hate explorers, flying Vs, Stars, and all those weird shapes used in metal.

I like Explorers and V's, after all they're not that metal:

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I like Explorers and V's, after all they're not that metal:

Seeing as they are from the 50s that's no surprise, metal didn't even exist back then.
Of course the flying V has become almost synonymous to metalguitar these days (you can thank the 80s, people).
I don't much care for pointy guitars. I like SGs and Jaguars.
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i agree, i love the soloist shapes, i have a strat and am getting a les paul shape, i dont really care for metal and jaggedy shapes
I like unusual shaped guitars...

What I really dislike is strange shaped headstocks - the ones on many Dean guitars is just awful.
I love playing V's and explorers.
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Quote by halvies
i agree, i love the soloist shapes, i have a strat and am getting a les paul shape, i dont really care for metal and jaggedy shapes

I fully agree. In my experience Deans and BC Rich guitars tend to be headstock-heavy do to their ridiculous size, plus I don't like the shape at all.
yes you are ts.
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No, I play metal ( and almost all other styles, but metal mainly) and I adore superstrat shapes over almost all, though I own a 'star' shape.
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