Hey folks,

I had broken my left elbow when I was 7 and as a result can't turn my wrist fully. Never been much of an issue until I started playing guitar about 6 months ago.

I can play open chords just fine but seem to have hit a road block when it comes to barre chords due the limited motion in my left arm. It's not just the normal learning curve either...it's literally not being able to turn my hand over to get it into proper position.

I'm considering trying to switch to a left handed guitar to overcome this as physical therapy is not yielding enough results.

My question is, is it very difficult for a right handed person to play leftie? Will they hit road blocks of their own? What are the things to consider (other than the difficulty of finding left handed guitars)?

Thanks a lot!
Well, a few years ago I was teaching a friend that is a leftie, so to help them learn and see what things looked like easier, I taught myself (a little) to play leftie aswell.

The main problems I found were actually in the picking hand, as the strumming moment was quite awkward with my left hand at speed.

Fretting I didn't find too hard as long as I didn't think of the notes in my right-handed state of mind (just follow tabs to learn stuff left-handed...it's too slow trying to 'mirrior' everything from a right-handed point of view).

The only possible way I could have improved my right-hand's ability at fretting would be by tapping with multiple fingers of the right hand.
You'll be annoyed that your right hand can't fret notes as well as you used to be able to with your left hand, but once you get past that, I see no problem. Guitar is going to be hard no matter what you do.
the key is playing to your strengths. Not being able to play barre chords is an obstacle, but not one worth the kind of brain retraining switching to lefty would require.
Barre chords aren't essential by any means. You could try learning barre chords the way hendrix (and a lot of others) learned to play them, with your thumb over the top of the neck to fret the 6th string. Another option is learning more of your jazz style chords on the higher strings.

In short, i don't think barre chords are a big enough part of music to make you need to switch to lefty. Learn ways around them.
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Wouldnt your wrist injury get in the way of picking if you switched ?

I should be no worse than any other rightie trying to pick with his left hand.

My injury has me so that say you put both your hands out in front of you, palms up, elbows bent (as if you are playing that hand slapping game, or asking some to slap your hands five). My right hand will be palm up and horizontal. My left hand will have my thumb up and be vertical. I've come to find out it's actually arthritis that has developed (which is odd since I'm 28).