has anyone every played a michael kelly guitar?
the guitars they make are beautiful but
i dont want to buy a guitar based off beauty
i was wondering if it sounded just as good
as it looks
opinions would be greatly appriciated
thank you
arent they the ones with adjustable neck...to raise or lower the action?
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They are pretty kickass imo.
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Quote by imtank
arent they the ones with adjustable neck...to raise or lower the action?

i like ur sig
youre thinking of steinberger guitars i believe
My friends dad has one. They are AMAZING.

One of the most comfortable and best sounding guitars i've ever played. You should definatly get it.
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There's one I've been wanting to look at, but the only place I know that sells MK guitars no longer stocks them in their inventory and will only special order one.

I want to be able to try it first.

I've heard some pretty good things about 'em though.

MK being played:
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