I've thought about trying these just to see what its like, It maybe a bad idea especially after seeing that thread on how that guy nearly lost two friends.
How safe are they?
Is there any way to tell whether the ones you are having are safe or not?
Please no, Drugs are bad etc i already know that.
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Drug thread 4.0. Its around for a reason. And if you can get pure MDMA, go for it, but I'd never take E. If you want you can do a wash of the E to get the mdma.
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As long as you know how much/what your taking and that the pills aren't dirty, you should be fine.

Ask in the drug thread.
Drug thread.
Pills are not safe generally.
Most are just dirty (SWIM had some a few weeks ago with speed in them)

You just can't guarantee what you're taking unless you have a very reliable source.
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