ok guys i need serious help now...i know im not gonna get much answers from you guys but whatever...ok so
I have a research project on saturation and i have a couple of answers..

1. How can you tell if a solution is saturated/super-saturated or not?(not using an eyeball method)
2. How can you tell if a solution is dissolved or not?( not using an eyeball method)

HELPPP thanks in advance
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1. electrolysis though that could be very wrong

2. ummm no precipitate? no. damn thats hard without eyeball method.
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If it's not possible to dissolve further substance into the solution, on the given temperature - the solution is, obviusly saturated.

The Solution is oversaturated, when more substance is dissolved, than actually possible at the given temperature.

This can easely be proven, when substance is crystallizing out when the sollution is shocked. fx by hitting the container lightly, or rubbing a object on the inside of the container.


I don't exactly get the second question, can you specify ?