Uh. I have the DK2S, which is a varient on that model, same basic specs but different pickups. And it's one sweeeeeeeeet guitar. How much is that one? I have to say, the Pro Dinkys in general have impressed me.
go to jackson guitars online .com and do a search. every thing you ever wanted to know about jackson guitars there.
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Definitely worth it, if it's as good quality as the DK2S is. Maybe you should go try one out?
I like jackson but all of the guitars that aren't american made have a bolt on neck which, if you do alot of soloing and shredding like me, can greatly reduce the amount of playability. I have a jackson randy rhoads and have had it for a little under a year. I love it i gig with only it because i only have 2 tunings (drop-C and D-standard). If you think that the neck joint is worth it then i strongly suggest the dinky that your looking at. My personal preference don't get one with a Floyd Rose trem. , but thats me
My opinion is that you can get a much better quality second hand jackson for that kind of money, the necks on the new jacksons dont feel anywhere near the quality of the older ones from the late 80's/ early 90's, so if ya look about and dont mind about a few dings then you will get a guitar that feels and plays miles better.
also the LFR's on those models are awful, they look and feel cheap.

so yeah, the older ones are better.

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And yeah, you could either put a master coil tap as a push/pull volume pot orrrr swap the 3way switch for a 5 way, if you get the 5 way then you will have a wider tonal range than the push pull pot, look on seymour duncans website and check out the different schematics for guitars with 2 buckers would be a better way to decide, that way you can see whats going on properly.
Yes I think what your saying markramer would work, but if i say used postion 3 it would be the middle parts of the coils?