ok so i own an epiphone SG and im satisfied with it. Latly im digging the les pauls and im thinking about geting a second axe... is it worth it to buy the epiphone les paul or are the sg and lp so similar is not really worth it?
I can't say anything about the SG but I have an epi les paul custom and I love it. But as with most guitars you're probably better trying a few out, especially if you're wanting to spend big(ish) bucks.
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In my experiance, it seems like even Epi LPs are much more deep-sounding than SGs. I played a Pelham blue epi g-400 (with blue strings......) thru a valveking, and the tone seemed harsh and just not good. Then I got an Epi LP plus-top (same pickups as a standard). It sounded much better, deep, rich, full,and just great imo. I would definately get an Epi LP standard, not a studio. The studio has a very fat neck, while the standard has a much more playable neck on it.
The LP has a thicker body hence it will sound a good bit different. The customs aint too shaby, I've played a few.
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I think you should invest in better pups since the guitar is great (heard it at store) i bymyself got Epi LP std plus and its actually sound close. this is a great guitar really great