Im not an expert on Dimarzio's, but I imagine it'll need to be pretty high output to keep up with the X2N ...
PAF pro,
Evo neck,
Breed neck
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Air Norton, imo.
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I like the Breed Neck or the Air Norton. Just not sure which will fit better with the X2N.
Breed, Air Norton and Evo are nice options for the neck when combined with an x2n.
Or you can go creative like me and combine and x2n with a DP100 and use a built-in booster with a switch to give the DP some more output when needed.

The DP100 is a nice neck pickup and a good counterpart to the x2n, and with the booster off I can use my guitar for some more subtle stuff too. It adds to the versatility of my guitar imho.

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