Hey which would be a better choice for bedroom practice/jamming with friends? The Vox AC15 or the Blackheart Handsome Devil? I play mostly classic rock and the majority of it is Zeppelin.

Thanks for all the help.
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I'd go with the Blackheart, wasn't too impressed by the AC15.
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Haven't tried out the H.S, but I did try out an AC15 at GC about 2 weeks ago. Really liked the tone when it was cranked. (yes they did let me this time )
i would definitely try to hear the vox via youtube or guitar center if you can. i had my heart set on the ac15 then i played it and i was disappointed. didn't get it.

it's not bad though, just didn't have the tone i was looking for. i'm sure if you're just jamming with friends it will be great.
can the Blackheart or AC15 get a metal sound with a bad monkey OD?
the blackheart will prolly have a better metal sound but not modern metal. it'll be thrashy type, more like metallica. but remember that that's more due to the british voicing than the level of gain achievable by the blackheart, b/c the blackheart get's very gainy w/ an OD.

if you're gonna be playing primarily modern voiced metal, a valveking would do better prolly. but if your more of the thrash/metallica style metal then the blackheart will do great.

a distortion pedal that is of good quality can make the blackheart do modern metal, but what's the point if that's the majority of what you play? fake distortion, IMO, should only be applicable in rare occasions such as the blackheart one. otherwise, if you're getting a tube amp you need to use ITS gain, get the most out of those tubes man!!

good luck, i hope i helped!! oh and check the sound clips on my profile, they're all blackheart.
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