I have a Jackson DXMG and a Roland Cube. I also use a Line6 "uber metal"(please don't laugh :rolleyes pedal. Anyway, Whenever I play a string of notes and get to the last note and let go off the string, I immediately get this horrible feedback sound that last about 20-30 seconds. Only way to stop it is to mute the string.

Here is the problem: Let's say I finish playing a scale on 2 strings and I want to move 2 strings up and start playing a new scale. The 2 previous strings I just played on will continue to ring and ring and ring, and just muddy up the song I'm trying to play. I have to constantly mute the previous strings I just finished playing on in order for my song to sound coherent and clean. Don't get me started on trying to do scales involving all 6 strings. It sounds like a damn mess. I have to play super slow and constantly go back and mute the previous string I was on just to sound decent.

Are strings suppose to ring on forever like that when I play with distortion? I've already tried messing around with my pedal, playing without my pedal and just the regular amp gain, and it seems any bit of distortion I use gives me the same problem.

Is there something I'm doing wrong or are my guitar/pickups to blame? This is really irritating me and constantly discourages me from practicing.
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dont turn the gain to 10... stand further away from your amp... get better cables?

and if your playing metal, the player usually learns how to stop notes from ringing, so its just technique you have to learn
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Sounds more like you are using way to much gain other than a feedback issue really.
But since you tested that, I am going to assume you are trying to explain something different.

First thing that pops up in my head is check your pickup height. Secondly, check your cables, thirdly, check the wiring in your guitar. Makes sure the bride is grounded, the pickups are grounded and there are no long stretches of exposed wire.
Its just feedback. If you don't want the strings to ring out on a hi-gain setting, you have to mute them, no two-ways about it.
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Are you sure it's feedback and not just the string ringing out?
Up until recently, since I am self taught, I was never taught to practice scales while muting strings. Practice flattening your first finger (fret hand) along all the strings below the one you are playing, use the tip of that finger to mute the string above the one you're playing, and I like to use my picking hand to mute anything above that (when I say above, I mean the thicker strings).
And if your amp is loud enough, then an open string ringing out is going to cause feedback. That's normal, just work on muting the strings. It's such a pain in the ass but it's part of playing electric guitar. It's so annoying, when I'm playing clean I don'tpay as much attention to the little noises.
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