My only friend by:kevin dupuis

Shining cold steal
reflecting the moonlight
Caught up in my own ignorance
waiting for the moment
voices in my head, begging to be obeyed
eyes focussed on the corner
were my friend awaits to taste blood

begging my own mind to stop
my thoughts corrupt in excitement
giving into myself unwillingly
jumping off my bed, running to my friend
grasping it tightly in my hands
heart racing, almost exploding in my chest
blood pumping, affecting my vision
eyes turn red, hair stands on end
teeth grind together, lacerating my gums
rage fueled blood, dripping down my bare chest
i am ready

roaming dark alley ways
steel now warm, blood stained chest
tasting blood as teeth grind in furious anger
stalking my victim
attracted by innocence
running silently, now standing behinde her
breathing calming now, eyes savouring pulsating vein
swinging friend with deadly accruacy
victim falls in two, slowly to the ground
excitement fills my body, mouth watering
licking the fresh warm blood from my friend

kneeling beside the kill
placing friend upon the quivering torso
stareing into open eyes, watching as they roll back
she bites her tounge, as her system panics, then shuts down
i lay beside her
carressing her bloody torso, slashing at her skull

I stare at the sky
wondering in my own mind
am i alone?

shinning red warm steel
reflecting the street light
i drift away in pleasure
my task is done, though i have just begun

ok people, i know its ****,, but i would appreciate your likes and dislikes about it, is it set up right? like give me some advise
thank you for reading.......keep it brutal
mm iono if it's just me but.. this is much too blatant. peple now watch way too many horror movies and stuff, and it shows lol. try reading poe. that is seriously demented lmao. this. jsut has way to much to do with blood. i think taht violence should be subtle. but thats just me. good luck. you dont hav eto crit one of mine i fyou dont want to. didnt relaly doa line by line so w/e
It's not stalking to watch her sleep if she fell asleep watching a movie.
a silly wind
(='.'=) LoNg LivE tHe BunNy!