I'm looking to get a compressor and overdrive. I was considering these options:

1. Visual Sound V2 compressor/overdrive. $150, and includes both in one.
2. MXR Dyna Comp and Bad Monkey overdrive. $120 total, 2 seperate pedals.
3. other

What do you think the best option is? The V2 doesnt come out until may 15 so thats a small bummer, but no deal breaker. I dont mind having 2 separate pedals at all and saving $30 would be nice, but would i get better tone out of the v2? Or is there a better route to go than either of these?

I'll be using the overdrive mostly as a clean boost, with a little bit of rock (like radiohead's early material) etc. And the compressor for reggae rhythm and better tone quality in general.
I would say buying the seperate pedals is the best idea; that way you can upgrade the overdrive later if you want and the compressor will probably be better.
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I would get the 2 pedals because:
1) it saves you money
2) You can upgrade seperately in the future if you wish
3) If one breaks, only one of them breaks, rather than both.
4) Personally, I just like having more pedals to play with :P
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What makes you think that you need compression?
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I certainly dont need a compressor, or any pedals for that matter.

And thanks for the input guys, im going to go with #2.