In profile. Check-check-check it outt.

High as **** when recorded/named. It was all improv if you can't tell

EDIT: If you listen closely at the end, you can hear my mom walk in and start questioning me lul.
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Pretty nice progression at the start, though the timing is just a tiny bit of now and then (Although this could be intentional)
Sounds cool, a bit scattered at time, sounds like you're just getting the hang of the instrument, but lots of good bits. The sound's alright, the piano's a bit out at parts. I like the "mother interrupting" part, happens to me all the time when I'm recording (Flatmates and general passers-by though) Cool enough, keep with writing I'd say. Fur Elise is sounding ok too.
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Ooops, missed the highness, deadly stuff for a high trip, good ****. Crit me, Mao!
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You know you're a guitar player when you tell your father what note he's yelling at you in and then improvise over the top.
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Good job for being high. Good progression.
Kind of got sloppy near the end, but hey, you were high!
Great vocals too. lol
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