So this is the first track on a concept album about A Clockwork Orange. I haven't titled the song because I can't think of a good title - I thought about just using "A Clockwork Orange" as the title but I think that title would be better suited to the final song.

Needless to say, if you haven't read the book, you're not going to get it, and if you didn't pay attention when you read it, you might not get the slang. If you feel the need to look up any words, google "Nadsat Dictionary"

I'm planning to write a couple songs around themes and events from A Clockwork Orange and compile it into an album. Here's the "Overture"

Take a viddy at the place I govoretted home,
sloshy sounds of ultra-violence, cracks of chain on bone
viddy this old chelloveck, watch his krovvy flow
viddy old cat-ladies, viddy millicents and then,
follow me into the fray, my droogies and my friends

viddy ultra-violence as with my droogs I roll
feel a wee bit stracky as we kill and steal and pol
nochy after nochy, we smeck as we destroy
watch your back, we love thou not, ptitsa, veck, or boy

and when you feel the violence is just too much to peet
call your malenky millicents, and pull me off the street
send me to the staja, for now you'll all feel fine
but when I'm back, I'm even worse, for I've now lost my mind

welcome to a country where the air just vons of pain
viddy the place that I went where numbers replace names
feel the strack I felt when Ludovico took my brain
by the end, you might just be a clockwork orange again

Please don't tell me it sucks if you haven't read the book. If you have read the book, feel free to rezraz it to pieces. Also, if you have a suggestion for the title, feel free to make it.
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
cool man!! if you actually do a whole album that will kick ass!!
Is now a
to be
- Elliott Smith
very creative man, i cant imagine it would be easy writing a concept album let alone one based on a clockwork orange so good work, keep it up.
I'm totally planning on it, the minute I finished the book I started typing this song out and I've already got at least three more floating around.
I'm looking for a tab of The Marshall Plan, by Blue Oyster Cult, and of Mario Minor, by Powerglove. If you have one please PM me.
Looks good. Is there going to be music?
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