Hey guys, I need to make some money quick, to pay for a ticket i just got. If no buyers by the end of the week I guess I'll turn some stuff over to ebay.

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah - $50
Boss DS-1 - $25
Fender Hot Noiseless Bridge pup - $30
Paiste PST3 Hi Hats Like New - $45
Yamaha Rydeen straight cymbal stand - $20
Sonor Straight cymbal stand - $30
Xbox W/ wires and halo 2, no controllers - $55
Pics in a sec, prices don't include shipping, but can be negotiable.
what part of cal are you at? I'm interested in the X-box...but I dont' get paid till thursday...does it come with a hard drive?
Interested in the Paiste's for a friend. Would you ship to Ireland, and would you take videos?

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