this is the shape you have drawn out
this is the basis of me
i fill it with colors that look good
there's things in this frame i can't see

this is creation but slower
it takes a lifetime to view right
once it all comes into focus
you find out things were always this bright

this is a cry for an outcome
this is the meaning of me
i struggle to know that i've got one
there's so much that i want to be

i ride a plane on its way down
the skies aren't as blue from here
i don't feel i should be scared now
the ground is not something to fear

i do share this place with someone
she provides no more answers for me
but she does bring a smile when she comes
yeah she brings me a smile when she comes

next time you're feeling inspired
please draw her into my frame
i don't know my outcome or meaning
but i'll always remember her name
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