I've been trying to learn the song Holy Wars by Megadeth, and I am having palm muting problems with this part:


I cant palm mute the open E strings between doing the hammerons/pulloffs.

When I try to mute just the E string and leave the A string open, it sounds like **** - i'm self taught, so im just guessing that isnt what im supposed to do, or else im doing it wrong.

If i try just taking my palm on and off the strings (which is what im assuming im supposed to do), it ****s up my pattern and sounds even worse.

Any tips/advice? Am i using the wrong techniques / what technique should i use?
Slow the part down until you can play it fine then speed it up gradually.
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Quote by Zaphod_Beeblebr
Slow the part down until you can play it fine then speed it up gradually.

Thats what I generally do with any song.

The problem is getting the technique down to play it.
try slowing it down and playing it by taking your palm on and off the strings at the appropriate part, once you can play it well at a very slow speed, then gradually work your way faster
Well, what i do is just keep my palm on the low E string. And make sure its angled a little bit so it doesn't touch the a string. I wouldn't take my palm on and off because with distortion it would prolly make it sound sloppier imo. I would only take my palm off during palm muting riff if the riff is on one string and i need to take my hand off at some points for accentuation.

edit: yeah the advice everyone gives about starting slow is very important. If you start fast it'll seem like its sloppy and mistimed, but when you get it slowly and let your muscles remember it, the learning will come much faster. tho its boring at first of course lol
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play with a clicker and start slow

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I release my palm of the E string when I do those hammerons and pulloffs quickly and then put it back, I'm not sure if that's what you're doing or not. What I understand you're doing now is that you leave your palm on the E while you do the A strings?
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