so ya
my headstock snapped off my les paul
but luckily its a clean, angled break
the grain of the wood even still matches up
but anyway i have done guitar repairs before and i know how to get the headstock back on
but what is the best type of glue to use to put it back on?
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Wood glue, presumably.
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I would use some weather-proof TiteBond wood glue. Or, if you have the time, money, and ventilation, Epoxy would be better. But i would rather use TiteBond.
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lol happened to my friends dad's epi les paul he glued it bakc on and it wokred fine so glue it!
may even be a good idea to drill into it and use a dowel join to hold it firm

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It's a delicate procedure and to be honest if you want any kind of retainment of how it used to play before the damage then I would take it to a professional to do it. But if you do have experience and if it is a clean breakage then I don't doubt it cannot be done. The most simple option is to go Titebond. I found they always work. Glue it, clamp it, refinish it.
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have a proffesional do it. You dont just glue it back together.. dowels need to be put in place as well as the glue.
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