My brother and i have been trying to find a place to practice for a few months now. we live in apartments. he has an electric drum set so we still get to play, but at low volumes(nothing beats a cranked guitar amp and exploding cymbals). we've tried renting storage units but we've pretty much got straight across no's from everyone. any suggestions?

sorry if there is a different forum category for this type of question.
Find a musical friend who has a house.

Or soundproof you're apartment.

I practice at my friend's. And at my house.
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well, I don't have this problem personally, but I know a band that rents out an old gigging place(can't remember what its called). You're aloud to practice as loud as you wan't and its pretty sweet.
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is there no practice studios around?
we just pay like £20 and get a room for 3 hours including amps, drumkit etc..

my dad hes a cool guy
built a band practice room in our shop. its pretty cool. guitars, drumset, pa system etc. oh yeay =]
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is there no practice studios around?
we just pay like £20 and get a room for 3 hours including amps, drumkit etc..

dude that sounds awesome.

as for me i just practice at home, or friends houses, my neighbors arent sound nazis, so i can play drums and guitar as loud as i want, althought it is a house not an apartment, hell sometimes i practice at school, take my acoustic, play for friends or anyone who will listen, its pretty fun.

so TS, find a bass player or another guitarist who has a good place to practice, or rent a practice space.
oh i forgot to mention ya can also record for free in said practice rooms..
am i crazy or is it only scotland that has these places? theyre all over the place here.
there is one here on OKC but its monthly and pretty expessinve. as for family and friends places we haven't lived here all that long so most of them are back in texas.
daaaamn, so yous gotta buy all your own equiptment and all? and drag it around everywhere with you?
thats lame, even venues here provide you with amps and pa's and stuff.
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