I'm looking to form a band in the Brighton and Hove area (although I could travel a bit if necessary), preferably in a sort of Muse / Feeder / Foo Fighters style.

I have quite a few songs written already (minus lyrics), although only in MIDI format as I can't record at decent quality, which would call for a vocalist, 2 guitars (of which I'd play 1), bass and drums, with quite a bit of keyboard stuff as well, but this doesn't have to be done by a seperate person.

If anyone's interested, let me know and I'll send you some of the stuff I've written. Don't judge too much by the song in my sig., it's a really soft thing I wrote a while ago.
I might be interested, can't commit to anything until July though as I have A levels throughout June.
Hey, sorry I didn't reply sooner, had a lot of stuff going on. I've got exams as well through June, and I think I'll end up being away for a lot of the summer as well. But still, we can see if we can work something out for after the exams. I'm not actually at home right now, but when I get back (which should be on Tuesday), I should be able to send you some of the stuff I've written.