i've heard they're quite good from alot of people. personally i like JB's and pearly gates alot but idk how they'd sound with your ESP
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Hmm, i think you should get a new amp.

budget? style?

there may be a better pickup for you.
My style varies from Metal to Classic Rock to Jazz/Bluesy stuff. For the budget, I really don't want to go over $150 (US dollars). My amp isn't the issue, and the pickups my ESP has are fairly decent, but I would really love an upgrade. I thought of EMG's but I can't really afford them.
they sound best typically in mahogany bodied guitars w/ rosewood fretboards. the JB is pretty raw and gritty. i love it. great for that hard rock rhythm and piercing leads. the jazz is great for cleans, blues, leads, sweeps, pretty much any kind of lead style.

i use both pups for both overdrive/dist. AND clean, though mostly the Jazz on clean b/c it's warmer sounding. the JB is good on clean if you want more trebly, twangish style. also great on clean for reggae.
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