Hey guys, I'm new here but I figured I'd start it off on a.. well I guess it's kind of a low note as I'm looking for support in a place I'm not entirely recognized :P

Aaanyway, I'm sure I know some of you from many other forums, but if not, my name is Chris Feener, and I've entered into Guitar Idol 2008, an international guitar competition. I need votes! I'm currently in the lead but that's not entirely important to me. Gotta keep on top of things!

Anyway, if you wanna see some of my stuff before voting, just check out www.myspace.com/chrisfeener

To vote, simply go to www.GTRIDOL.com/Chris-Feener

You gotta register on the site before voting, but it takes literally seconds, and you don't have to worry about teh ghey spam.

Thanks in advance for any support!
i dont think i will.

good day

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