Me and my friend were talking and we're in a band so we were deciding on which song to cover next and I said "Jump On It" and he said "Kung Foo Fighting"
which one?
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"jump on it" isn't the name of the song

at least if i am thinking of the correct one

i believe you mean "apache"

and i say do "apache"
^ Me too.

but you guys are going to look like complete loser if you cover either.
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jump on it FTW
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Jump Around by House of Pain is where it's at... but stay the **** away from that one to because that's our go to song.
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Kung Fu Fighting. DO DO DO DO DO DO DOO DO DOOOO! Those kicks were fast as liiiiightning!!!

But seriously, don't do Jump On It. Kung Fu Fighting is where it's at. But if you really wanna get the ladies, you have to do the inspector gadget theme song.
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If all else fails, Apache