ive been playing guitar now for 5 months and my fingers are starting to become more limber, and i was wondering what pedals a beginner like myself should get...

i like bands like avenged sevenfold, metallica, pink floyd, zep, sabbath, weezer, gnr (with slash), velvet revolver, whitesnake, beatles, the doors, linkin park, blue oyster cult, black tide and etc...

for distortion ive been making distortion on my amp (Peavey Rage 258 25 watt) so i dont know if i want to make distortion my first pedal...

im looking that creates a nice clean sound but also isnt that expensive (im a teenager and i wont be working for another 3 months)

what pedals are good for a beginner like myself? and if you know good products by all means list them

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wrong forum....this belongs in GG&A

Guitar gear and accesories. Gear building doesn't mean building up your gear. It means actually making your own gear. You'll get better responses there.
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you want a pedal that makes a nice clean sound? Well first off a distortion pedal is in order... I would definately recommend something like a meal muff... so you can dial in different distortions and get a wide variety of sounds.

And if your looking for something for the clean channel on your amp... i dont know about making a 'more clean' sound... but something like a chorus pedal would be nice
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