ive been playing guitar now for 5 months and my fingers are starting to become more limber, and i was wondering what pedals a beginner like myself should get...

i like bands like avenged sevenfold, metallica, pink floyd, zep, sabbath, weezer, gnr (with slash), velvet revolver, whitesnake, beatles, the doors, linkin park, blue oyster cult, black tide and etc...

for distortion ive been making distortion on my amp (Peavey Rage 258 25 watt) so i dont know if i want to make distortion my first pedal...

im looking for a pedal that creates a nice clean sound but also isnt that expensive (im a teenager and i wont be working for another 3 months)

what pedals are good for a beginner like myself? and if you know good products by all means list them

get a wah...everyone loves a wah...a used one at that...everyone loves used guitar related things
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what you want is a multi effects pedal like the V-amp. i think it's only 100 bucks and has just about any effect you'd want to try out. it'll be good for you to get used to all the effects.

but don't expect it to last like 20 years or anything. it mite but don't expect that. that's really a good price for multi FX. i wouldn't spend any big money on pedals until after you get a developed ear for tone.
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May I recommend a chorus pedal? Maybe an Electro-Harmonix Small Clone. Classic, decently-priced and simple pedal that'll make your cleans sound better.
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+1 to a wah, look at the weeping demon or dunlop 535q (my next wah)
alright, thanks.. do you think i would have to order something like that online or should my local guitar place have it?
get a wah i got an ibanez Weeping Demon Wah its very nice look into it if u get a wah. besides that delay pedals are pretty sweet or maybe a flange?
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I hope you don't feel obligated to buy a pedal. You don't really need a pedal to get along. I never bought a pedal until I was 3 years and a few months along the road.
However, wah pedals and multi-effects pedals are great to play with. I have the Digitech RP250 which has a ton of tones and it also has a wah pedal and many other effects built in.
i still recommend a cheaper multi FX pedal. it's more ideal. a wah would be nice, but youve only been playing for 5 months. so if you start playing w/ a wah you're gonna start developing lazy/bad habits in playing and try to compensate with the use of effects. i had to wait a year before i got my first cheap delay pedal of eBay. it was an Ibanez Soundtank. really simple and such. but i'd definitely make sure you don't go too crazy w/ ur effects and still practice ur technique! cuz people can spot a guitarist who hides under effects in a few seconds!
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"They call him the 'Sand Spider.' -Why? -Probably because it sounds scary"
*Agile AL3000 Les Paul w/ Alnico IIs
*Randall RM50
*Dunlop CFH
*fellow LEO feel free to give a shout out
no, i more just want to experiment with effects before i buy anything real expensive. i just want to broaden my horizons. plus i want to start learning solos and wah sounds so much cooler.. and thanks all, i think ill try and go with the V-amp (in a couple of months)
If you're starting out (as I am) I have been impressed by the Zoom G2 - it's cheap but has a load of decent presets to start (with the option to create your own) and for an entry level setup has suited me as I can play about and experiment without having to buy a lot of different effects.

I think that when my playing is better and I know the exact effects that are my favourite I might invest in some more expensive kit.
Wah because its like something you can play and makes things sound cool
see metalica floyd slash etc oh and some guy called jimmy hendricks or something
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