yeah, just a nonsense load of a story. I haven't finished it yet. and its still pretty much just an idea, full of grammatical errors more than likely, but here goes...

In a haze. She was in a haze. Walking through the hallways. Seeking some sort of satanic salvation of sorts I suppose. Gazing through the glass cupboards and lazing through the dark, sunny day. Filing away her thoughts in plastic storage bins in her head. And discarding her unspoken words in the waste baskets, placed conviently beside the rest rooms. It was then she noticed a stain on her pants leg. "Women". "This seems to be proper" she thought. And walked into the ladies room door. "No time to waste" she spoke to herself franticly. She walked quickly to the sink avoiding the mirror, feeling a bit self concious about what the weather had done to her hair, taking a paper towel in hand, and wetting it. Gently dabbing the stain of purple and yellow. She noticed the sound of a stall opening behind her. She looked over her shoulder casually and put on that kind of fake grin that doesn't speak, but shouts, "Hello Stranger, I'm trying to look friendly", but the face she was met with back, was cold, and less than friendly, in fact the teenage girl looked a slight bit disturbed, but nonetheless, washed her pasty white hands in the sink in the farthest corner and walked out. She hadn't looked scared, or worried, or distraught, just a bit suprised. Finishing up, the lady exited the ladies' room. And saw the teenage girl walking to whereever her final destination was. "What a pretty little lady that was".
She returned to her haze as quickly as she was awoken by that most inconvienient stain. Wandering about in circles and, squares, and zigs, and zags, and diagonals, and cross-ways, and upside down, and all about. Still not quite sure of her purpose, or place in time. Continuing in this manner down corridors upon corriders. A bit tiring this was of course, to this lady. A group of desks awaited for her at the end of the final corridor. "Sweet relief" she moaned. Falling down into the desk with the enthusiasm of a shooting star. She pulled a cigarette out of her purse and lit it with the flame flickering at the end of the match she had very recently striked upon the box. She took a drag. Staring at the artwork of the previous users of this desk. It seems that the previous owner specialized in the painting of cocks (though they appeared to be a bit of a lackluster painter), and also a writer of great one word poetry, as elegant as a simple "****", "****", "bitch", "****". Ohhh and the love paintings. They were absolutely wonderufl! Hearts with initials inscribed into them. Were these real people? Were they make belive?, are they dead?, are they alive?, Who are they? Footsteps! Someones coming. "Theres no need to hide though," She thought to herself. She took another drag. "Curious" She muttered. There were footsteps, but noone was coming.
It was time to be off to nowhere in particular. She stood and dropped what was left of her cigarette on the floor still burning, and began to strut back down the final corridor. She turned left at the corner. Mind wandering, heart beating, eyes staring at nothing. She was of course back in her haze at this point, and had no intentions of coming back down, but suddenly her strut was halted abruptly. Blinking her eyes, she realized she had walked into a most mysterious person. A faceless person, not in the sense that they were a hideous monster born without a face, that would just be ridiculous and completely unbeliveable, but in the sense that it wasn't necessary to remember this particular persons face. Their face, and life for that matter, had very little to do with this womans life, so her brain could simply not be assed to see it.
"oh my excuse me!" The faceless man said.
"Oh no, it's quite alright" The woman said.
" oh wait...it's you"
"I'm so glad I ran into you, you have to get out, they've seen you. It is imperitive. GET OUT of here, this instant, you know what they'll do to you, to us, to the world
if they find you here"
"I think you have me mis.."
" PLEASE!, No time to talk, just get out before they find you, and remember, the walls have ears."
He hussled away, not giving her a chance to react and tell him that he was obviously mistaken, and that she could not be who he was looking for. But the man seemed dead set. "Poor fool, must have jumbled up something in his brain when I ran into him". At this point her haze seemed to be lost, and she was brutally aware now that she had absoulutely no clue where she was. And more brutally aware that someone had just turned on the lights and unveiled that the corridor was lined with mirrors. Luckily she was looking down at the time and only caught the reflection of her foot. She continued to stare straight at the floor, she couldn't bare to see her weather-wrecked hair.
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I'm not sure if that's the coolest thing I've ever read or was totally nonsensical.
I think the former.
Quote by ygokazuki
I'm not sure if that's the coolest thing I've ever read or was totally nonsensical.
I think the former.

haha I take that as a compliment.