hey guys, I downloaded some songs earlier on limewire, and then like usaul I click explore and then send them to windows media player so I can burn them to a CD, but then I cam back a few minutes ago and downloaded one more song, and it showed up in my library, so I click explore and it shows all the songs I downloaded, except that the last song I did isn't there... I dont get it. And I cant find any other way to get the song I downloaded into windows media player. Thanks in advance.
heres help....dont use limewire....it will give you many virus for your hard drive to die with

ya limewire gives you a TON of viruses... so be careful bucko
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Use torrentz instead
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i like to think the makers of limewire gave us all a metaphor for what using there program is like.... its like squeezing a lime onto the wires in your computer (not healthy)

limewire has destroyed my bros computer completely =/
Seriously, you have got to be pretty retarded to get viruses off limewire. Its really not hard to avoid them. Just check the file to make sure it has something besides "119kb" cuz that will guaranteeably be a virus.

As for your little dilemma, it really isn`t even a limewire question. You just cannot seem to find it on WMP. Just find the song from wherever you downloaded it to and you should be able to like drag it into windows media player.
i never get a virus from limewire, but, that's cause i don't use it for porn. if you want a song or two its good, but torrents are best. but, if you want to put the song in youre media player, find out where your downloads are going to and do it directly from there, don tdo it through the program.

if you really like a band, and are getting multiple songs from them, just go get it from any torrent site, youre better off, but it still wont keep you from getting viruses, like many posts here are claiming. make sure you have good software. if not, get it from the torrents too. it's all there for the taking, make the most of it
Don't illegally download music?

Also, how teh hell can anyone find limewire too hard to use? Noob..
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Use torrentz instead

according to alot of these anti-piracy groups, Torrents are the worst and easiest form of copyright infringement that can get you busted because you HAVE to share as you are downloading.