I checked the amp thread and i cannot find a solution.

I am deciding to buy a tube amp. I have narrowed it down to two amps



i am pretty sure, and correct me if im wrong, the 33 watt is louder than the 50 watt. But if i one day wanted to boost my sound and buy a cab, would it be better to have the 50 watt? And if i hooked up the tube amp to a cab would i lose the tube sound???

i have no idea...

please help.
First, the 50 watt would be louder. Just to add it, the 50 watt one uses 6l6's which are more American sounding while the 33 watt uses el84's which are more British sounding. You're going to have to try them out to see which one you like better.

And if you hook up a cab, you won't lose any of the tube sound, it just gives it a fuller sound from more air being pushed.
i kinda like a more brittish sound for pop-punk, but that may just be me. so id say go for the 30 watt version. also, you can push that one harder to get more tube breakup at similar volumes. if you need clean headroom then the v50 is probably the way to go, but if you are looking for a more crunchy sound with still good cleans, id probably go with the v33.

i mean they pretty much have the same features other than the wattage and tube type. so you just need to decide which sound is better for you.