I'm going for a progressive sound from bands like Dredg and Tool, as well as the indie tone from bands like Minus the Bear and Bloc Party.
I'm stuck with pedals I should get:

-Delay: I'm thinking of getting the Dl4, because it has delay and looping, but I heard better reviews from the Boss DD6 (I dont plan on getting the DD 20. Too bulky)
-Reverb: No clue about reverb. Although I hear good stuff about the Holy Grail
-EQ: Boss or MXR?
-Compress: No clue either
-Phase: Thinking about EHX Small stone.
What kind of amp?
Crappy Fender DSP 25 Solid State, but planning on upgrading soon. Considering a VOX (ADVT series)

Amp choice is another thing I'm reconsidering
Get the amp first, worry about the pedals later. Especially since you are looking at the Valvetronix series.
probably gonna here this a lot, but you definitely need a new amp. The pedals won't sound anywhere near there full extend. if you got money and are considering getting all of those pedals, and a new amp upgrade, I would definately recommend putting your money into a good amp first. like a valveking or something if your on a budget
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Yeah I'm also puzzled when it comes to amp choice.

I'm considering the ADVT50 or 30.

Used through Fender Mexican Tele

The Pedals BTW are a future thing, so that I know ahead of time what to get. I've made bad choices before because I researched last minute.
How are marshall MGs compared to the VOX ones?
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what are you using the amp for? Practice or gigging? Budget?
Good, because I dont plan on getting them, but my friend suggested them anyway.

Garage band practice. Mostly solo practice at home though. A little of both. Not interested in half stacks yet.

But yeah I'm really considering the VOX AD50VT
-White Fender Mexican Standard Tele (Newly Acquired!)
-ProCo Rat 2
-Dunlop GCB 95 Crybaby
-Fender FM DSP 25