Looking to get a Dual Or Triple Rec, just wondering a few things

1. I've heard that the older ones are better. Is this true? Why?

2. Is it worth the extra cash for the triple rec, what sort of a difference is there sound-wise between them?

3. I play metal, progressive, jazz, fusion and some classic rock, so is there maybe a better amp choice for me?
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1. A lot of people like the tone of the older two channel versions better. As far as I know, they have a bit less of a muddy low end.

2. That's up to you. The triple rec generally has a little nicer low end from the different transformers, and more headroom, but requires more volume before the power tubes break up.. However, the Triple Rec is close in price to the Dual Rectifier Roadster, which in my opinion is much better than either the Triple Rectifier Solo or Dual Rectifier Solo heads.

3. Again, that's up to you--tone is a personal preference, but in the price range there are several other amps that you should at least look into.
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Check out a Mark IV... Personally didnt like the Dual or the Triple...

maybe thats the tone he's after. they arent bad amps, ppl just dont know how to dial a mesa. Plus, the Mark IV is highly over rated on this site... considering only like 3 ppl (me being one) have one.

the triple is pretty much just more power/louder. 50 more watts... not really needed IMO, seems like they're just a gimmick for Guitar Center ROFL.

the older dual's (2 channel) "pre-500" as many call them (although go through like 550 or something) black-diamond plate rectos. these are considered the holy grail of recto's, but you likely cant afford one... (nor find one) thats not to say the newer dual rec's are bad though. but you might as well get a roadking or roadster if your getting a rectifier b/c they are only like $100 and are way more versatile.
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Check out a Mark IV... Personally didnt like the Dual or the Triple...

Two different beasts, bro.

TS, I would look into the 2 channel Duals.