Can you book a room at a hotel if you're under 18? or do u need an adult?

If I had a dollar for every time this question has been asked on UG, I would be rich.

You need an adult.
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get a motel buddy, hotels want id, credit cards, etc, motels are there for good times, no questions asked. ENJOY
If you have a debit/credit card they probably won't ask questions. Just book it over the phone. Make sure it is a sleezy motel.
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Dunno about adults, but you need a credit card. My gf is taking a trip to the states and no where would let her book without a credit card, so she had to apply for one before she could get a room.
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how do i get a credit card if I'm 16?

apply for one. you may need someone (your parents) to cosign, so it kinda defeats the purpose, eh?
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why do you want a hotel anyways?
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haha yeah that should work

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i gota go to a concert and we wanna stay in a hotel

does it work if my parents check in by phone or something?