Well i've been playing an acoustic for 2 1/2 weeks now and I only started with an acoustic to make my fingers stronger and learn the basics on, but where my real interest is in is an electric guitar. Now I have NO experience with any instruments in the past, so I know next to nothing about guitars. Thats where I need help with.

Heres a short discription of me and what I am interested in playing.

-I'm 6 ft tall and 16 years of age.
-My favorite artists are (old) Metallica, Led Zepplin, Van Halen, Lynyrd Skynyrd, A little bit of Iron Maiden, a little Guns N Roses, and a little bit of Buckethead.
-The artists listed above are what I would mainly be interested in playing, mainly Metallica though.

So I need to know if this would be a decent beginners setup that'll fit my skill level for...probably a year-year 1/2




As you can probably tell i'm on a tight budget, so i'm trying to keep it under $600 since its my first setup. After a year or so of playing i'm planning on upgrading. But out of the two amps, are either of them decent? if so, which one would suit me better? As I said earler I know nothing about guitars.
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Definitely get an Ibanez. There solid guitars and I find them very versatile. I don't know much about the amp though.
Don't get the Marshall MG. Marshalls only get decent at the DSL range and above.

Go for a Vox Valvetronix or Roland Cube.
idk much about the guitar

but i would like to say to stay as far away from marshall mgs as possible. same goes for line 6 spiders.

but if it sounds good to your ears, i dont know what to say to you
The guitar is decent for the price; you get a mahogany body, and you could upgrade the pickups later.
Alright, I updated my first post and found two differant amps, i'd like to hear if either of the two would suit my interests for the time being. and if so, which one would be better.
The standard Valvetronix is arguably better than the XL - you've got a great beginner setup there.
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Just a thought. But if you are an absolute beginner, I would recommend not spending to much on an amp until you determine your preferences and tastes. And learn a bit about them. I would strongly advice that, on a limited budget you put the bulk of your available funds towards you instrument, rather than your amp. Amps will come and go in your playing, but a good guitar (even those and the higher end of the entry/intermediate) could and should be with you for Many,many years. In other words spend less on the amp, and put as much as you can into your guitar, you will be glad later that you did.
As far as the Ibanez RG. Good choice.

In that same pricve range is http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-M100FM-Electric-Guitar?sku=516643

Also a good guitar for the styles you like. However I would not recommend it to you as it has a floyd rose floating bridge. As a beginner, you will have a terrible time tuning and changing strings ect which will make life unnecessarily hard.
What I would recommend, though I don't own one is.
And it should be in reach in your budget if you spend a little less on your amp. Remember that unless your going to perform in the next year on stage, your will only be using your amp for learning. And keep in mind that your financial situation will likely be better and you would be able to acquire a better amp (More to the style/slah sound that you like as you have had a year to determine).

just a thought
Holy cow! Wow, your site that you linked to for your guitar is whacked out dude! They have my guitar (Which I got last week, a RG3EX1QM) $525, as opposed to the $320 I paid, at GC (Must say, they were pretty cool there)

Though, with that out of the way, I have only heard good things from Musicians friend, so its probably just abnormal case. Though, I would personally pick the EX1 if you can find one at the price I paid (Personally, I'd say the $50 is worth it for the slightly better features, plus the much better looks.) Either way though, I can gaurentee that your going to have an awesome guitar. I would suggest though, as usual, go in to some place and try one out.

With my guitar being (Pretty) similar, And me having bigger hands (as I guess you probably do, being 6 foot tall) is the fact that the upper frets (Basically 12 and up) can be a wee bit to small and narrow. However, you can easily get used to that.