Ok I've been learning this song for the past couple of days and I pretty much know the whole except for this part in the intro


I was just wondering how people play it (Finger picking,alt picking etc.) any feedback is great.
well i cant play it but from all the vids ive seen, you pick the 15's with your middle finger, and pick the other notes in a sort of sweeping motion. Here, watch this cover, it shows what i mean, its at about 17 seconds i think.

I've been trying that recently as well (after playing too much guitar hero). I've been alternate picking that section but I'm struggling with all the string skipping. Just taking it slow at the moment.

Marrklarr, although it looks like some of the notes are played at the same time it's just the way the tab has come out. it should be like this:

----------------------   etc

Although you could still use hybrid picking using your 3rd or 4th finger for the notes on the high-E string and your pick for the rest (dont know if thats what you meant)
Possible dumbass answer.

Move everything up a string, except the 6th string G's, and that entire lick is on the 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th frets.

I'm sure there's something that comes after it, though, that renders this concept useless, though.... no, actually there isn't, it's all straight 16th notes.