I'm thinking of buying a telecaster from my local shop and was wondering if the price is right. It's a warmoth vintage boat neck made of birdseye maple, a warmoth ash top-routed tele body, schaller non-locking tuners, a lace sensor in the bridge, and some lipstick tube pup in the neck. All the electronics check out and it plays like a beaut. Looks just like a Fender Vintage '52. Intonated, low action (but I can tweak it a bit lower), good electronics, great feel, and heavy as a log. Little to no fretwear, the board is clean and the neck is in perfect condition with no dings/scratches/warping.

What's the most you're willing to pay for this thing assuming a condition of mild buckle rash?

Edit: I've omitted the actual price so as not to bias results. Just say what you'd expect/want to pay for the guitar.
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somewhere from 5 to 8 hundred

Agreed. I would have them pull open the electronics panel to see how well it was wired and inspect the finish closely. Also make sure everything is lined up and like it should. How the wood looks also influences price. A load of birdseye will certainly increase the value, along with a good grain pattern in the wood.
I haggled it down to $325, no tax, and a nice padded gig bag. Gave it a full set up and cleaning and it plays just so, so nice. I keep expecting it to explode cause the price was just too good to be true.

What strings do you guys usually string up tele's with? I used 10-46's and like em, but they seem a little too beefy to get a tone like Communication Breakdown. Any advice?
Want: EH Deluxe Memory Man, Warmoth Strat, Budda Superdrive 45
Sounds like you got a good deal. I purchased a lite ash fender tele just over a month ago brand new for $400 and I thought that was a good deal. From what I hear, warmoth makes great stuff. The birdseye maple sure is wonderful. I play with 9-42s (I think...I always forget the guage of the low e) on mine and I like the feel of those but I may try throwing something heavier on (probably no more than 10-46's). I use didarios since I like the quality that they seem to have. I hear a lot of good about EB's too so I may try those when I am done using the sets of D'darios I have sitting around.