I've only been playing for 3 months already and have learned:

- Am,A,C,G,D,E chords (Though the g is hard for me and my small hands i use my Pinky for 1 string works just as well )

-Major Scale

-Minor Pentantonic

-Power Chords

I really dont play any songs....What songs do u reccomend using Those Chords and skill.

I'd say i'm progressing about average. What do u think?
I think your doing well, learning the much needed basics before rushing into things your not ready for. When I first started years ago that was my biggest problem, I didn't learn the basics. Just keep up what your doing
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If you want to get really technical about it..

1. Grab sticks.
2. Bang sticks on drums.

^how to play drums.

You know those chords, but can you change quickly and smoothly between them? Before you learn any songs you should practice changing between chords you know in time with a metronome, working so slowly that you get each change cleanly. C to D to C and G to C to G were pretty tough for me, so those could be ones you could work on. G to Em to C to D was a fun one becuase it uses a lot of shared fingers between the changes.
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look up "keep on rocking in the free world" by neil young on youtube and play along with that. Should be in your capabilities.
Thanks Max.

Thanks eversio.I can change pretty smoothly. The C,D,G changes i've gotten pretty good since those were my first chords i can i change to them fairly quickly. Right now i'm also working on changing chords more quickly though i never though a mentronme would help Thanks!
A good and simple song (particularly the version from the natural born killers soundtrack) that has a moderate tempo and I feel is a good song for a beginner is"Sweet Jane" originally from the velvet underground. Essentially its D major A major G Major open chords repeated until you die of boredom. the chorus uses some diminished chords if I remember right, but hey I know a place you can look for the tab. lol
Sounds like you're doing pretty well off so far. I'm still pretty new to playing Guitar. I started out with the Guitar for Dummies book =/ But apparently it does have good info in it. But i kinda learned how to play the chords in the first section, C, D, G and then i was like screw chords, they're boring lol. I started playing songs after i learned basic picking and like 3 chords. I had learned a few songs, but never went back and tried to learn any other basics.

Now my question is this: Now that I've learned the Major scale and I can alternate pick it without too much trouble should I keep learning more scales? Or do i really need to go back and do the chord stuff? It's just really boring, but i feel like i'm kinda stuck now. I can learn other scales and things and play ok, but really I've never been able to play along with a song in tempo, or for that matter I usually never even play a song all the way through. I just play one section of a song and thats about it.

I've been playing for a year or so now but not at all consistantly, like i said i just learned the major scale the other day =P. My question is should i really try and learn to play along with a song and the whole way through? Or just learn parts of songs to practice techniques? I am still very rough though when i play and make many mistakes or weird noises because I didn't hold the fret right or pick the right string.
Yeah, a metronome will help you immensely with getting rhythm and timing down. Just set it somewhere around 80 or 90 bpm and just strum chords on the 1 2 3 4. Then strum some eighth notes (1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and), and then add some rhythm and try a strum pattern like 1 2 and and 4 and (D D U U DU). Try and really feel the beat of the metronome, and once you get the slower speeds down try bumping it up to 100, 120, 140 bpm etc. Keep at this for a month, and at your 4 month anniversary you'll see a dramatic increase in your playing.
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WoW now i'm so enthusiatistic to play my chords! Thanks again Eversio!


I was like that too before. I Just learned like parts of songs mostly the main riff. I never Got through a whole song. At first i though Chords were boring as hell. But i found out if u dont understand rhythym or the chords a rhythym guitarist plays chances are u prolly suck at lead Guitar. So then started playing chords. I would just sit there watching T.V play chords out of bordem. Now it has become a routine of mine. Now i really like them. LOL its cool. You should try it
Velvet Underground -Heroin = D,G
Black Lips -Dirty Hands =D,G,A (E)
Moldy Peaches- Whos got the Crack? =D,G,A
Brian Jonestown Massacre- Oh Lord =E,A
" -Servo =A,C,D,A
" -Going to Hell =A,D,G,D

Look em up
easy to play. more importantly cool.
give em a listen anyway