the thing can waste batteries within a couple of days... so im wondering how am I able to get a 9v adapter... I have a bunch but none of em work. is there some like special thing needed to get the pedal working without batteries?
it would help if you unplug it when not using it.....thats what turns them on so u may not need an adapter
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Behringer pedals are terrible!!!
About 1 in 2 of them will work properly

EDIT: Behringer delay pedals are pretty good. Yeh make sure you unplug it when not in use to save batteries
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You could probably buy the Behringer adapter, it's not that expensive (well, maybe compared to the pedal, but it's like 10 euros or something). Apart from that, I think any 9v adapter should work? Not 100% sure tho.
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Unplug it when you're not using it, and digital pedals eat batteries anyway.
im pretty sure the adapters for the behringer pedals need to be positive outside, negative inside, make sure your adapter is configured that way. if it is it should have a symbol on it with a half circle in the middle with a negative sign in it, and a positive sign on the outside
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One Spot adapter...it will pay for itself in like a week and a half

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