looking for a new guitar.i play mostly death metal and nu-metal. im currently using an epiphone explorer through a crate rfx120. thinking of either a shecter hellraiser or esp of some type???? any suggestions?
well, most people are gonan tell you new amp, more specifically, a tube amp. but if ur set on getting a new axe, anything w/ EMGs should b good 4 metal, and then just base that on shape and feel

hope i could help
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Schecter C-7 Blackjack. Or you could save $100 and just get the 6.
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best metal guitar's going i think are Schecter, Ibanez, ESP and B.C. Rich have a look at some of them and try them out, because you should have a guitar that not only looks nice when playing metal but also feels really comfortable for you to play so that you can play metal to the best of your ability

basically try before you buy
looks and comfort are better than just looks alone
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