Anyone ever played one? If so, did it sound good? Im looking to get one of these becuase I can finally afford a decent amp, and a crate FW120 sounded pretty good to me. I really want some good built in effects, but there's nowhere for me to try out this amp.
I thought it sounded really bad when I tried it, there was almost unbearable hiss on every channel - it seemed to almost drown out the effects at times. What's your budget? 120 watts is pretty ridiculous and you'll rarely, if ever need that many. What sort of music do you intend to play?
I play mostly rock and metal, but some older blues also. Yea, I know 120 watts is alot, but I figure if I get that many now, I can use it for gigs and stuff, and my budget is around 450 bucks.
eh.. the smaller combos are fine for practice.. but the flexwave stack isn't really worth spending money on.. if you need volume a good maybe 50 watt tube combo is the way to go.

but since you're not gigging now, even 30 watts tube would be a good way to go..
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I tried the flexwave practice amps. At very low volumes, it's fine for practice. I could actually get a few good tones out of it. But once you start turning up the volume, the tone turns to crap.
Go for a tube combo. 30 watts will do it for you. Look for used amps like peavey classics and such.
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Please spend you money on anything BUT a Flexwave. If you DO buy one you will need an EQ and a distortion pedal for sure. With those you can get it to sound ok.
The Randall G50TC I think it is sounded really good for a practice rock/metal amp. Give that a listen, it's all tube too.
even 30 watt tubes would be good for gigging i cant remember i played a gig where the amp wasnt mic'd