Alright, I have a question for the almighty Pit,

This has me baffled so I'll put it forward to your collective minds.

So, up until about 4 days ago my computer was working fine. But in the last couple of days the Copy/Paste function in all of my programs (Firefox, Word, Paint etc) has stopped working properly.

I've run four or five complete Spyware scans of my computer with different programs and it's pretty clear the issue's not Spyware.

This morning however, I stumble across something interesting. When I (right click>copy>paste) it doesn't copy the selected text, but creates a Screenshot, which is obviously why it hasn't been pasting in Firefox and in Word and Paint it just pastes the screen shot...

I've done everything I can think of to no avail,

So Pit, what the hell is wrong with my computer?

Any help is much appreciated