I'm playing a passage in a song right now; pretty much it's just straight up alternate picking 16ths at 130bpm on the high e string with some legato triplets thrown in. The problem is, the passage is about 30 seconds long, and I only have enough stamina in my right arm to go about 20 seconds (16ths at 130bpm is pretty much as fast as I can pick at this point in my playing).

Would it be a good idea to build stamina in my right arm by just picking the e string over and over again until my arms get used to it?
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I say the right and best thing to do would be to slow the passage down so you don't run out of stamina and gradually increase speed. But that's me.
Try not using your entire arm to pick the passage, instead try using more of your wrist. I found that when my students tried tremolo picking they would normally use their whole arm to do it, it was like they locked their elbow into place like an anchor and would just go at it. Loosen up your elbow and put more wrist into the picture, it might be weird at first, but kepp doing it and i promise that once your used to it you won't have a problem with stamina again, at least not in your right arm. now when you get to sweeps and other sorts of advanced playing the issue regarding stamina will be in your left hand, but that just takes lots of practice to overcome. Also Coldbullet is right, play the whole passage not just some of it. Good luck to you!
And if you're anchoring, stop doing it when you have to pick really fast, that always helps with me.
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also try checking your sitting position. lessons on that stuff can be found. hold the pick looser to that might help
I already use my primarily my wrist to pick, and I don't anchor. I think I will probably try playing the whole passage at 122bpm until I am used to the whole thing, then gradually speed it up. Thanks for the replies
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tremelo the brown note until she caves