what effect is used in the solo( its been killing me for ever, i really want to make that sound, i need to put it into this song im writing, itl make it like 80 times better please help me!!


ps.. ya know that wah wah sound(and i swear to ****ing god its not a wah pedal im not retarted)

EDIT:btw I have a line 6 live pod
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i can`t exactly recall, but it might be that guitar-esque looking keyboard that the one dude plays....i`ve seen him use it in a live video during a part that sounded like whacked out guitar
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im pretty sure its a phaser and a wah, it sounds alot like an effect on my RP200A called a ya ya.

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I just watched the music video. sounds like it might be an envelope filter.
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i think im getting kinda closer with the wah/phaser thing? any suggestions for timing/sens of the two in combination?
i agree with the envelope filter. there's one one the podxt live, and it responds to the pick hitting the strings, and i think it changes and enhances the frequencies in the signal depending on how hard the signal is hitting the signal. im probably wrong but thats what it seems liek to me,

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I love that thing. Whenever my friend asks me a yes/no question, I answer it with a YAH ffrom the good old ya ya.

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