I gotta important rugby game tommorow(determines final playoff position), and I need a ****load of energy to run fast and tackle and scrums and **** like that for like an hour non stop.

I need a breakdown of what to eat, should I get a ton of carbs, how long before should i eat last and stuff.
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other than that, eat like six snickers charged (they have caffine) and drink some red bull, then down some chicken alfrado, and chug a smoothie with pineapple, strawberry, and wheat grass.

Ill be having a few red bulls for sure.

What time should I eat before, like how many hours.


I drink lots of protein shakes.
chicken and pasta.
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i have 2 pieces of toast with mush banana+bit of sugar. ive been playing rugby for 13years and i find that the best food to get me alert and give me plenty of long term energy it also is easy and ur stomach

EDIT: DON'T DRINK CAFFEINE! makes u all jittery and out of rhythm imo
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i have 2 pieces of toast with mush banana+bit of sugar. ive been playing rugby for 13years and i find that the best food to get me alert and give me plenty of long term energy it also is easy and ur stomach
For Breakfast?
Carbs are kind of a blessing and a curse. I wouldn't go so heavy on them. The carbs that you don't burn initially will end up breaking down and slowing you down. Go with green vegetables and apples to give you a good boost. Don't eat too much. It's not good. Neither are energy drinks but i'm sure this won't stop you.
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For Breakfast?

ideally around an hour before the warm up (our warm up is usually ~ 45mins).
Doesnt really matter what time of the day the game is.
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grapes have a lot of natural sugar in them. it helped me during 2 a day football(American) practice
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Don't drink too many redbulls.
Just a warning.

And energy drinks is best to drink after training.
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Also a banana and mayonnaise sandwich really gives you good boost.
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I'd never drink Red Bulls before, slows you down after like 2 minutes.
I would stick with lots of carbs the day before, drink plenty of water. And the actual day I'd eat a vareity of carbs, some green and a little meat and of course drink water during the whole day, it gives more than you may think. Works for me everytime. But don't eat too much!
All these replies saying red bull and snickers are really retarded. If you want energy go for healthy carbs that will be broken down and converted in energy quickly. What you don't want is proteim which takes several hours to digest and will end up slowing down your digestion when you are running. Basically your digestion will stop in order to provide more energy for your muscles which will lead to cramps. Also drink lots of water. Probably too late now though haha